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Unlock – Transform – Excel
At Academus our goal is to support and guide Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) towards achieving excellence. With a solid foundation of academic and recruitment knowledge we are dedicated to providing customized solutions to our clients and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Our Background

Established with a vision to transform placement

Academus has become a light of guidance for HEIs in search of academic advisory and placements for teaching and non-teaching faculty members. We deeply understand the dynamics of the higher education sector and take pride in being your go to advisory partner.

Our Vision

To be the leading force in setting new standards of excellence and quality in the higher education sector.

Our Mission

As a client-centric organization, our mission is to deliver value through our comprehensive academic advisory and recruitment services. We strive to promote growth and development, making each step towards educational excellence a rewarding journey.

Our Range of Services

Academic Guidance

From strategic planning to regulatory compliance, our services encompass a wide spectrum of academic support to drive institutional growth.

Academic Staff Recruitment

With a focus on identifying individuals, we assist in attracting exceptional academic professionals ensuring that HEIs have access to top tier talent.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are not just experts in their respective domains but also passionate advocates for higher education. We are a powerhouse of academic wisdom and recruitment prowess and our top priority is ensuring advancement and upgradation of HEIs we connect with.
Academus is more than just an advisory – it’s a journey towards achieving academic excellence. Join us as we navigate the domain of higher education, empowering HEIs to flourish and shape the future of teaching, learning and research.

Do You Wish to Uplift Your Career

We understand the significance of finding the perfect talent to drive your institution’s mission forward. Our comprehensive approach can help you find exceptional faculty members who align with your university’s vision and values.

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